Friday, October 23, 2015

i'd like to be a ghost, but only your ghost- after
all, you are my ghost. you love yourself. do i

love me? thick as the cow meat, i say- i bet all
our things in common on
it- we look at it with wonder.

we look at myths with wonder. once again a myth
haunted in space, someone has to courageously
go back in time. shadows
of two people coinciding. two people
paying no attention. one or the other lays there

convinced it is dying. then a grey, then a white.
a bell rings. that's part
of the myth.

that's all
we see. we never make up more.
but i don't always necessarily know
that. so often, i think you're wrong about
a lot you say.
i know

what's lovely. i am a jewel thief, stealing
without knowing; missing
the forest for the trees. things
held together: new element, i must love myself.

it's the twinkle that gets me. the flowers
from the neighbors yard it turns out
i am not allowed to pick? i've done it. i know.
i have yet to learn from it

because i still pick flowers.
let us situate happy; and afterward
let happiness
not matter all that much.

happiness does not sit on top
of other things to be felt- our planets

are small and only have what they need.
there's so little
i need to climb in order to reach peaks.

i think it's wrong
that acceptance is not the cure- yet also something about
this is cute at most.

i may be ghostly, and too, often to
myself- but also
i am my own city in which wonder itself traverses;
all that is seen is that which is
happened to
breathe. give me nutrients; this daisy

has a heart during the autumn. it must
keep warm-
a pocket needs to be stuffed to

big fat pussy, birthing other-than-babies.
the hope diamond. the pavement.
a glass of water. all the drugs that seduce

so fast you don't have a chance to
stop yourself from getting hooked.
all the wondering what
constitutes a drug
aside from us lepers and our
social impairments crystallized.

all together, i see someones
face. it turns
deformed with unremembered eyes. all
together: somebodies baby. leave me

to my little planet
and its particular sunsets.