Friday, October 23, 2015

world of space and world of body- the snug,
having a sense of an inside. is it supposed to
hurt? no, not really. it feels like space. heal
right now. heal right now.
do feel violated by night turning off and
turning back on. i need obligations

to keep me busy, to keep me out of trouble.
i need to pull the wires out,
one country at a time. we must understand, pyramids
are orifices from everywhere, haunting
behind guises. so, what
are we going to do about syria (the earth's fever),
i mean? someone sure as hell bit into the same apple
adam- and snow-white alike- did. someone
sold the soul of god. what the fuck are we going to do
over there? fucking look-alike of a nightmare
halfway-fled. new language-barriers

to teach us- brand new power. the forever-
rumble, existential
gnat, suffering (what is other than inner?),

shall be treated like baby- or a palm- whose grains-
will be all i peck at. i am willing to be- a traitor-
to anything- as long as- it does not- compromise- my
relationship- with- suffering-
the naked eye, of extinct volcanoes

now an x-shaped cellular puzzle- unable to abandon, so

can be stretched to the moon
from which they'd echo every
awkward phase.