Saturday, November 7, 2015

bodhisattva. the
non-concept. the pre-psychology.. four
"noble" "truths"? an eight-fold path? pure-fucking
origami; the alchemist-prank. you're on your way
to the nobel prize for crazy. a lie

in life and in death. hallow'd be thy name or however
you spell "hallow'd". creative differences.
even so;

i'm looking to be an antichrist so
i chopped my head off and ate the body of
bastardized-types. drug dealers, satan. and if
they've ever seen stars, then stars, too, no matter
what star it is.

are far worse than all bad things.
that's an illusion of a sky you see. no,
seriously. you've been
betrayed, big-time. just like that.

you really
ought to re-consider the clouds. it's all up to
interpretation- sweet fucking
sugar, snuffed. the nostalgia-inspired.

more than the clouds
can grant themselves self-awareness. more than i

can cut the crap with that
psychology shit. have i ever tried? yes, of course-
it is my most intimate

i hated myself, and i hated myself for thinking
about hating myself, and i hated hating myself,

because i didn't believe in hate. an annoying
chinese-water-torture camera obscura sort
of effect, i'll go so far to say. i'd try
again, but i remember

saying, "i swear i'll never try this again."
i don't
remember why. one. two. three. silence.