Saturday, November 14, 2015

there's nothing in life but you.

wolf at the door. stamp of approval. wolf at the
door, second time. stamp of approval. eat
grandma alive and wear her brooklyn housecoat

and polka dotted nightcap. eat a child and some
cardboard prop of a hunter guy.

think from the gut.

get saved never. drink wine. find out we've been in the stomach
of a whale at the end of the day, anyway,
this whole time. there's
enough room

for an army to get parasitic upon itself.

get triggered. hold trigger to temple. massage
temple with trigger.

get forced into marriage. get forbidden

from learning anything outside
bubble-to-come, ever again. say "i accept
this," but later, take it out on children.
this nurtures the child's goody-two-shoe ways.
see the future of self
in self's mother. rule many kingdoms, ones

stolen from peaceful people. be a
hypocrite- brutalize criminals for doing
the same stuff you do. judge others

for their ways of lives, though
the way of life
is all that cannot be undiscovered. i don't

remember how i got into it, but here
i certainly am. if one can claim

that everything that goes wrong around them
is their doing, then wonder-

if everything goes wrong around me, is that
my doing? not everything goes wrong,

just everything i think about. re-lace
syntax, because everything is going to be
this way for a long time anyway,

do the stuff that's easy for others to say
easy to do. do your ears steam
with anger? oh my god, mine too. remember,

crime doesn't exist. it's only

fairytale fluff which we disagree with
and call it

because it is not mine.