Monday, December 28, 2015

although i'm sure anhedonia is just as old as the following.

i believe jobs are a societal infection.

i believe another societal infection is a stigma. it's all the widespread stuff i mean when i say "social infection". it's what's made of the same stuff people say heroin is- but it's worse than heroin. without it, you're incomplete. i mean like, really really. most of you die as a result of committing the one crime- catching this infection. the devil is in you, child. i see you. i dislike seeing you.

a couple of people throughout history have proven they've immunity to the infection just like me.

i was reading about marquis de sade in a fancy book. i knew i'd be able to read on if it was about him. i really like that he dared to push boundaries and that he had a lot of sex or something. i like that if he insisted that if he believed a way, than, simply, there was this way, so fuck you, because your way sucks. i like people that push for their values, and are intimate with their values. i like that i'd fuck him though only if he isn't ugly as fuck, which he probably was because jesus the hedonism, but there's really no telling, so i'm not really imagining his face right now. not so into the lecherous behavior. and yeah, that him and her grandpa hair that was really in for a few centuries there is embarrassing. but he was probably real and stuff. he was just corresponding to what he believed in.
the truth is he was a genetic mutation, not one anything weird. it was a fairy tale.
once there was a person that was in jail feeling like shit. because it had been ripped to shreds on several occasions, it one day died in the very old institution it happened to be in.
really believing he's the anti-christ is another close-minded opinion. like all opinions. opinions are the eyes we don't need, and have in order to see through culture- the motherfucker i'm proud to not shut-up about. but de sade- he was the rest of us, and he thought it was fucked up we get treated according to ridiculous biases that reveal the cracks and holes and discrepancies in culture. to get messed up in sugarcoated whitewashed bullshit.
de sade lived according to how he believed, meaning, effortlessly. he destroyed and destroyed, because one must destroy all but desire, and can do so simply by giving into all desires, until there was nothing left to destroy. de sade had destroyed himself. but also, consider his doing so possibly liberated a component of god from his "personal cell" and was probably a medium for some very foreign aura. there are so many of them. we are all mediums. it has nothing to do with social status or class or having a lust for crime and fucking. it is indiscriminate.