Thursday, December 31, 2015

dear so-called IS.

i hope your assholes burn every time someone chooses to call you the "so-called" islamic state. as far as i know, your shit isn't islamic. it upsets me knowing our world has let its center swallow itself. furthermore, it upsets me knowing that it could've been prevented, but so many people have turned their backs from caring. they are apathetic.
i'm not sure what it is you believe you represent, but you suck, and you're totally unclear to yourself. you're the most insecure people around is what's up, if you ask me. you're phobic of your identities, so you kill people over it. that's not going to make you feel better.
i don't know how i'm to accept you, to respect you as something "in the picture". it's disgracing and i'm disgusted. i, personally, have a hard time not turning my back on you, so-called IS.
i feel mad that so many media outlets give you the attention that is your cause, as if there aren't other things happening in the world, and to the world.
and i want you to know as well that, like, you're a cult. you know that, right? you're probably an umbrella cult of many cults. your cult is a cult just like the stuff you say you're against. you hate yourself in your disconnect from the world we're in. you're indoctrinated children with nothing else to do but to hope to be immortalized for five secs. pathetic if you don't let it pass.

whoever you are, anyway- without the online accounts. who are you? either a couple of sad people or one fuck of a sorry gun. not rebels. not revolutionaries. not cool people. you do not rule the world. and you certainly do not rule me. i refuse to digest bullshit. if i am fed it, it's coming right back out. there's a lot i'm going to have to continue to rebel against.