Friday, December 25, 2015

with big pockets of ash-rain, i think of reality. when i open my eyes i see an invisible space, quiet and breezeless; unconditional space.
me and my daughter, venus, walk across dead layers of the violence of the earth- televisions, chained refrigerators, newspaper, and copper, copper rolling across the skies of cotton fields.
no longer hiding beneath the sedimentary grounds, and it hasn't been that way for a while, the center of it all- of dharma, dare i elaborate-  stares at us all. nobody will ever stare back at it...
...thus human suffering is born.

boticelli reveals the human heart to itself, an unstruggling machine, that thing the gods lust after, the thing watching our conscious unsettlings.
venus divides her world. then, she rises, and we see her for her. she doesn't look like a pearl, but something about her makes it clear she is trying to come across as one. she's everything we live for and keep to ourselves. love is precious, pure innocent inviolable et cetera. pride, however, is there, too- as if she just bought her own body off the street.
venus was the center of her earth. today, she is the sun.

i am charmed by volcanos.

pompeii, year seventy something A.D. venus went to say something. she didn't know how to speak other then by spitting her tongue out. the volcano overseeing pompeii set itself on fire, admirably working itself through a rage. a cloud of pumice and so much ash exerted flexibility- flourished, bloomed itself into a world splitting open.
the people of pompeii went to grab their favorite things, things to be remembered by. rich people grabbed their jewelery and things of high money value. slaves grabbed nothing. they just ran and ran until they were underground.
shortly after the eruption of the mountain, who felt it all, people died. within a short amount of time, everyone else would die, too.

quote from a genius girl i know, "the easiest thing to judg is complacency."

venus, we have learned, is jealous. she wants to do what the people are up to. she also keeps an eye out because she's afraid of beimg hurt. these are the only times she speaks.