Wednesday, December 16, 2015

@metal machine music.

dearest lou reed. i love you. i know you're dead so we're supposed to have this past-tense thing going on, but i'm still alive, in fact, and your documentation very much so continues to live on in my memory. and it's not like we had a close relationship, in the sense that we've never met on the physical plane. but we've met, or at least bumped into each other, at least once or twice, on at least a few other planes. 
and if we're going to talk about life- there's something about you, that i think is very elemental, very pure, so unable to be removed from life. you lived and evolved without transmutating any rudimentary base from which you expressed. you could not even if you tried. if one is expressive of being purely alive, and nothing else, i love them. that's why we love you, us living people. if i follow the straightforward path, ever, it's not solely because i strive for honesty. it's also because of you.
i'm not going to lie- it does hurt my feelings that all these amazon people under their amazon guises find my review of metal machine music unhelpful. but i stand by what i had written- i want to be approved by you. if i did some fan-thing of squeezing some bullshit out of my ass about how metal machine music is tolerable to listen to, you'd know i'd been missing the point. i love metal machine music for other reasons. i see degeneration in the music industry, and so did you. and yeah, all that "style" stuff? i know! i don't get it, either. it's all a facade.
but not you. and not your work. and not your word. you are a gift to this world, you, among the multiverse. come taste your reverberations through my muscles.