Friday, December 25, 2015

not being a mass of land prevents the possibility of integration.
think of the ocean and how you are seeing it. think of the sky, too.

bells are hitting me on my head. i'm not sure how i can deal with my split opinions on things. with my uneven body, how ever will i walk around maintaining a balance unless with a cane?
i am offended by my ideals. i think of flying ships and UFOs alike, dazzling wobbling things they be. and then i see them crashing into each other without realizing it. it's disappointing- what more can be said? they tore each other more painfully and more slowly than romeo and juliet.
my ideals unveiled something unromantic to me when they showed me this. and i'm happy to have seen it. i've learned that my ideals aren't ideas, movements. they're fixed, solid parts of a structure. so stuck they're halfway figmentations.

if you can't hear anything aside from fixed-pain, it doesn't mean the fixed-pain is a solution. it's an antibody. you see with it. you are not it. (i'm talking to me here.)
i have succeses. a. i'm not addicted to social media. b. i make candles. c. i take lovely care of animals. d. i like honesty. e. i like my makeup hair style of dress even when i'm all "i'm ugly" "or i'm ugly for my vanity".

the ocean grows.