Saturday, February 13, 2016

book again.

thank you to misti rainwater for spreading the word of my gospel with multiple "+1" things, sharing of my self-sharing, and also for just being a cool fucking friend.

hi; i edited a few bits of my book- or file as i like to call it in my head. i also have it ready on my computer so people don't have to give their credit card information to the internet or pay for it at all. don't feel weird, i beg of you, over not giving money to, who mass-prints what would be self released books if the internet wasn't god these days. i think i would make ten cents at most off of this sucker and i do not expect or want money for my work- my truth, as i know it. do not send money i will kill you.
also, consider lulu takes too long to ship.
please contact me ( and i will send you a copy of the edited- as in i added stuff- free file. no misbehaving i will knife you should you misbehave.