Thursday, February 11, 2016

cleaning the chest cavity out for new rental.

to capture promises and rip them to shreds like a cat. eye in the vomit. eye in the vomit.
this is the shape of a flag. noble intentions, march, die a martyr! something my god
arthur rimbaud said in other words. fuck everything!

let us give into a more discreet life where the sunset is so-so. the sunset is so-so. i looked around myself in so many sunsets because i feel so alone and worried about feeling alone and i'm so depressed and i'm not even afraid of dying anymore. but still, i need a bosom buddy at all times. it's a role that is practically filled on rotation. it seems paradoxical to work with many things. with self actualizing my clubbed foot has no-where to go, not in this world.

my fingertips always gotta be doin' something. i rub my big fat witch cunt against the ball of my foot and hope my pimp (who videotapes me) catches every second of me doing this. i type i write i paint i color i clean. i also need things in my mouth even though i wasn't breastfed (how sexy is that). and by the way, i know you all have incest fetishes or pedophiliac fetishes-and, deep down bestiality fetishes.
no matter your fetish, i want you to know I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU FOR IT. i don't think one can help what they're into sexually, and that even if they could, to each his own. we're all as good as each other. i like to masturbate at night out of habit. i can hardly focus so it's difficult but i really want to have that sexual time every day.

i buy the seeds nested in the hand of the flag-bearer. his wife doesn't like me walking up to him. i buy my walking up to him.
these are dreams and dreams and dreams and dreams just like me and "reality" just silly old dreams interconnecting. every single one of them has co-dependent relationships and is afraid to be alone. everyone hold hands rejoice we all suck!

what happened to that flag? oh, you sold it to a nazi who's totally confused about himself. yeah, i hear they're trying to put a nazi in the village people. wait. is it...? is it raining mealworms? yes dear yes, everyway everywhere. we live guided blindly through a false construct of "reality". the nazis are here. i feel a little "over" about myself because i don't see the use in engaging in humping the leg of my ego. i believe if i let it just sit there, it will transfer whatever information it needs to in order for me to continue to survive in an ego-based world. knowing that i commit to surviving in an ego-based world.

i bare my soul you have seen better things. your pussey looks like a grapfruit i could easily stick my dick into. is your dick- is your dick trying to explain itself to you? i am not having sex with this dick.