Monday, February 22, 2016

humpback scorn.

the chateau of li'l white lilies. here, have it. like i give
a fuck. i'm an eskimo, out in my gray ocean in my
slow, small glaciers, fragments of what a mirror reflects,
floating away and occasionally bumping into

one another. i cannot have my own values 'kuz i don't
have my own self and so sez my doctor and this doctor
too and this one and that one and this one i used to have
and the doctor in me a glacier that just bumped.
oh. apparently i'm a doctor. this one that i've never

met is in love with that one and i played vodun on them
'kuz i'd rather not slit myself. you ever slit yourself?

you're not a demon. open me open me open me what
does it mean to you i do not give a fuck but i probably

too much bad kinds of learning.
all learning is neutral.

gray. gray. seas.