Saturday, February 27, 2016

my love is unstrengthable.

emptiness is dead skin i scratch it off 'kuz i know
so, but it keeps on recoverin. i'm a lost hole
in the sky hellbent on bein' somethin' else. i try to draw

myself 'kuz i have no children to busy with. it looks like
a series of zig zags tearin' through papers. i talk to myself

like a dog 'kuz i don't have anyone to whom my womb
casts spells on.

i'm bent on sabotagin' my love for myself. it seems
flat after bein' done with it over and over. it becomes trash
irretrievable of appeal. you hate yourself. this is
my song i hope i don't fucking mind. i only wanna go places if i'm in love
with who's takin' me to them. and besides i'm readyin' for my coccoon of eventual disempowerment, broken waste,
waste of life.