Monday, February 22, 2016

sitting on the dock of the petty.

there's a blackness covering my face- oil makes me
unable to see i am a blind girl now everyone cares
remind me how brave i am.

the enemy flies a kite in the sky, the lightning

keeps almost hittin' me. you don't see? let me tell you.
oh, i talk too fucking much. i see.

well, i have told this story time and time again- nobody

quite so enthused as myself 'kuz it's about
myself. i claw my nails
fingers hands wrists veins splurting higher powers

oh my god all over the earth we've been shrivelled to
arms into the clay earth- see- i just

wouldn't give the fuck up.

uselessness. and too, something
illustrious about it. and i am only the torso
left that i said this whole time

at least i should be. get away; go
to hell, fuck you, motherfucker; leave, leave,
i want to be alone- are you dead?- i am

dead- all the ways to tell a person to go
goodbye-bye. i mean, never mind- you are not
dead- allow me to reproach all- that heaves

life- show yourself- to the sun alone- or
be among the torso people, the little white lilies,
the waitings for further erosion.

the worst exposure, a bedroom in which sex
serves never a pleasure- "in and out in and out

in and out. and you're
up and down up and down up and down." i'm thinking

about i don't remember. something
doesn't want me to see. a river takes my torso body
and erodes me; little white lilies.