Saturday, March 26, 2016

glass birds...

what is cruelty? cruelty is all we don't let go of. cruelty
stems from early man. he fell because of early cruelty,
also known as women. all women are cruel as are
the feminine perspectives of man. you be starlight,
then hesitate, and explode. you be cruelty.
my allegiance to an unknown, opposite side.
my allegiance to no one.
my allegiance
not even to myself.

allegiance to my feminine pride.
to the things i buy.

i know i buy a lot of crack i must smoke
a lot of crack. shit is pure
i know i buy a lot of crack i must smoke
crack a lot. shit is pure as a
shit is as pure as a giggle dream, blue marbles

rolling down the tubes
the tubes i don't believe in
nor do i want to believe
in. so of course,
as it goes, it's my master taming me with the
disconnect that is fear.

a few naked men in lines go to be eaten the executioner is looking forward
to the feast. they piss as they stand in line. everyone feels a sense of
intimacy. all the men begin to love each other because their pee is all
over one another.

deities. they were dismissed to prison and everything
turned to the shawshank redemption- glorious. digging through

a shit tunnel is what the deities apparently
are up to,

i can't believe the movie ended how it did.
the cruelty of knowing.
the cruelty of pretending.
the cruelty of melting.
the cruelty of sundowning.
if you don't surrender, you're being cruel
you must pretend to want to give even if you don't
surviving with morality is about giving and doing

other things you don't want to do.