Friday, March 4, 2016

helene for pele.

the ceo of apple, tim apple, lol i mean cook, is pretty fly for a white bigshot ceo prick. tim cook has not been assasinated somehow. it probably takes a zillion gates to protect a zillionare who needs to be protected more than the rest of us will ever be. all of these gates each use a software only he can read.
now this paranoid asshole can still sleep at night 'kuz he's all highly antisocial which means stupid to trust. additionally, he's an assembly line white square rich big playah CEO prick. so, you know he's gonna get you hooked on drugs so long as its to his gain. otherwise, he doesn't care about anything except his baby apple- your drug.
not that this isn't known, but let me say what's up. tim cook is just as corrupt as he's hoped not to be, as is amazon, google, snowden, and all the other shits, too- all needing computers or else they die. just because some people act like they know what they're talking about doesn't mean they do. and "privacy" is extinct. i don't know who is gonna spy on my ass next but i know that tim apple is only interested in protecting his reputation and that of his baby apple.

so you wanna stare at your screens the next time we are attacked by these self aspiring "terrorists" with their self imposed ideological suffering? or are there things we can do that we don't. i'm not so motivated so i'd prefer to live life as a hypocrite. i'd prefer to drown in the spit of the rich people who keep assaulting me. i don't wanna have to side with the fbi, so i'm not gonna besides i don't like siding. but it's pretty obvious that apple, our consumer diet, is more backhanded political and shitty than the fucking fbi.