Friday, March 25, 2016

holy fruit red wine.

there are limbs in the way. i am a flower that
didn't last long. ants cover
one half of my body. i think this is
people wake me back to life with diaphragm punches.

so what if i wanna have to kill the baby...the community will
look down upon me?
suppose i wanna kill you? i'm a guy fucked up by
the image of things; stuck in a hall of mirrors.

i wanna get you undressed in the back
of my van little girl and do harm to your
aryan body. but we're not supposed to talk about that

kinda thing.

girl let me have your half dead flower. girl let me have your half dead flower
my house plant i neglected to let live long.

you and i will get satan to bring more death. (okay, hehe!)
satan is that which we find challenging to work with.