Tuesday, March 29, 2016

i bet we could make them grow beards, sonny.

i saw a girl all over her boyfriend
while i was waiting
to pick up my drugs before
at the pharmacy. she was jealous of me.

her boyfriend was a hot boyfriend,
and i'm drop dead gorgeous.

she started that shit and i
pretended i didn't see them. his hair
was lame, anyway.
so disrespectful.

every man is really mine, little did they care about.
whatever. every man is really mine.
i just choose not to choose them.

i came here for multiple reasons tripping me up.
the grocery list on my
hand said something about
making that boy hard
and having to make that boy hard
because i can't help it
i mustn't

it's okay nobody has to know i tell every boy.
being bonded by secrets is a very intense dark art.

ummmm....the grocery list said something about milk
yeah, two percent milk
the accuracy of how "two percent" it is
i choose to doubt
because everything america gives us to consume
is lying
to us.

so, two percent milk.
clinical strength deodorant.
mediocre music playing
throughout the aisles.my thinking sinking into

a hole between cracks in the sidewalk
another earthquake tra la la
another earthquake tra la la

every grain of sand is very unique, tra la la i'm at the pharmacy
every grain of sand is my boy my boy mine mine mine. tra la

la. tra la la.
"due to the holiday, the pharmacy is now closed..."

oh my god.

fuck, i knew time was shit. everybody is dead