Tuesday, March 8, 2016

the never-wary heart.

my heart is in my chest. this is not a heart symbolic of romanticism. this is my heart which i will die if i ever see though, so close-! how close we are! it's like my little baby that i don't know how to ween myself off of. who is rocking who to sleep? i don't go to sleep. it must be so that neither of us go to sleep. we go from dream to dream skipping space skipping all that must be. from k-hole to k-hole; new drug introducing new drug. seizure to seizure. new phobia as a fad to abandonment of such for whatever is new and cool when one is bored. sweet jesus my heart is getting attacked by me.
dreaming- i was only dreaming. i wait for my abandonment and at that same time will happen the explosion in my chest. soon, i will be alone, moving on from not being alone, and i will know everything.