Monday, April 25, 2016

daffy let's get married duck.

flying hawk shipment cost chugga chugga choo choo stop it. stop it. it cannot cost too much to stop it. stop it. it cannot stop it never had a beginning only a happily ever after and we gonna go after that happily ever after and kill it after enslaving it for enslaving us. (what ya put in its coffee?) ha my piss so run. [this hurts my feelings.] yeah ya feelings move on. i'm gonna hurt ya gonn' hurt ya again. [ i don't blame you i know it be you. ] i know what ya been steppin' in. [oh, i'm sure you do.] you been eatin/ you so hungry/ in the head/ you been eatin'/ food/ buryin' ya self/ doin' ya worst nightmare/ e'en been eatin' the couch. [well, i am a dog.] (what kinda doggie i love doggies!) a who's the best dog in the world doggie. [a shriekin' hallelujah dog.] (you bettah get ya self to heaven if you gonna be beaten.) [i ain't. i only be facin' an ostracism.] go to hell. [that's where one goes to face ostracisms.] they gonna cut you and open ya just to feel ya then sew you up to make ya shut up. [i can hear it inside...the transmission is...foggy....and blocked by satan on the tv. i know his powers.] ya learn ya lesson? ya lreanalaenoss? yes ma'am all together guys how sweet/ the sound/ save/ wretch/ me/ i once/ was in/ a hurry/ sang/ offbeat/ darling?/ marry me