Tuesday, April 5, 2016

guess a hieroglyph.

wherein i encourage you to read my book (please e-mail me- peachschist@gmail.com for a copy), spread the word of my book, whatever it is, kiss my tits, and guess a hieroglyph.

suck my dick
just flush it down the toilet
pull it real far
the plunger will take you there
friction makes me melt
crushed under orgies of you
i am alive

did you know i can't stop castrating my parts they keep growing back they're not
supposed to do that they
keep growing back
keep growing back'
they better stop doing that

did you suck
under water
on dawson's prick
while you were unable to breathe
and you thought
of injustice?

did you suck knowing it sucks to suck? i love it i'm really good at it i love sucking it's a really great skill in life