Sunday, April 10, 2016


the demand of hierarchy: bless your heart and spirit (made up symbols to reel people in and tell them to do anything) thou shalt produce, produce, produce. if you are 

home, by yourself, jump around the house
uncomfortable thou shalt

become paralyzed at anything but looking up.
thou shalt join a religion, as if religion means anything
other than most of what's wrong with this world.

thou shalt recognize the role of god as manipulated
on all sorts of people and other aspects of life. 
“this ugly motherfucker” was glorified by being in the cool magazine
that can’t give insight, but sells
their shit of their shitty friends to you

                        to make up for it
and is now your best friend too
and everyone’s. everyone is reading it.

"this ugly motherfucker" won't shut the fuck up about the
ugly motherfucker prior

and now these ugly motherfuckers are the dreams of
everyone. i masturbate to it over and over again. i can't stop
masturbating. america better

eat itself alive a little more quickly if i'm going to have to
continue living here.

there are victims in this, as always, there are victims. (uncle bob is in heaven.)
first of all, the marquis- he must've had an awful childhood he does not speak of, but i detect it. also, smother your eyes with skinny bitches who are victims in this. (they’re bound
to croak soon, anyway.) aren’t they
such dolls.

i reach out to them, dangling off a chandelier, off ceiling lamps, off shit hanging off the ceilings. "come here." i have to beg for permission to get closer. but i'll never be how they are. i'll never be perfect. nevertheless, i offer the pleiades shining, shining plastic in harmony to wrap themselves in until they stop breathing. they will stop breathing when they're not needed any longer. that would be when they've borne a good enough product.

for all



advertising adversaries


we fall for it

because somehow

we don't want it

to go away


will from now
on be (snarl snarl snarl snarl meow meow meow meow)
advertising, some “never wear fur” shit. you are not sure if you
could get involved with this advertisement campaign

but i need my appearance to be everything i have

and i don’t really have a choice, anyway.

it is obvious how oblivious i seem to be- oblivious to rape,
particularly. i get thrown around in my underwear. i'm a lone child
being raped by several libertines from one hundred
twenty days of sodom. but i'm getting paid 

so it works out.
you never know when the next backward bend of the elbow
is going to be a problem for you.

it is obvious how oblivious you all seem to be. the war
is here, the dragons wait to rip us to shreds
feeding their babies with us. caw. caw.
it is time

to back away from this bullshit. i know everything
is bullshit. i know. one day i will go. sometime. later.