Monday, April 11, 2016

the aspirin store.

it's happened again. i don't know who i am again..
most places around the world are better than identity
most places around the world are better
than identity than

what's that
darling darling, spread me open
and butter me up


what's that
oh that
it's a personal letter from the heart
that i bought at the store, of the overprices hallmark brand

it's the law to buy your shit, everything
you own needs to be bought
shit shit
peckpeck peck
shit shit

my dearmy dear, what's the law again? what's it gotta do
with doing the right thing? what the hell is the "right thing" anyway?
who says these false man-made dimensions aren't

just pipe cleaners? you know how i like it in and out of my ass
back and forth like a gunman externalizing their sadism. oh, it feels
so good
to get it out of me. there isn't much

but i'll make things seem so much bigger.
pull my trigger.
i'm much bigger.
pull my triggeril
ov egun s. i'm much bigger hisg
un wasde ploye d. i'm sure you've had birthday cake
before. now is birthday cake we use to exploit

our memories of the people who were killed
by pulling their triggers after never doing so
pull my trigger. what's that
pull my trigger. go in the other room
pull my trigger. devil devil devil devil devil devil

a little trucker came along and ruined everything because
he blames the world for his problems and he's angry over
sucking at sex.

i'm gonna put my load in you.


hey, you're narrating twisted sex again.

yes i have to or else i'll talk about death.

you know how it is, everyone having been raped. it's the sore spot
you don't recover from/

and that's how i'm always feeling most directly. be asked
to recover. the world is still raping me and i fear i'm raping
it back just as bad. it's difficult to live with this.