Monday, April 11, 2016

we will become the night when everyone knows they don't care.

time represents this moment (clean-untouched), and turns it
into a vulgarity- cheap thrills scatter.

the addict is elated

until they are not.

unreal modifying, homogenizing- we're going
to be thrown away soullessly when we're not

able to handle being asked too much of
any longer.

my enemy is not real to me
but i want it more than anything else

adoration is all that matters. this is the only thing i can turn to
to get my mind off of death. this is a displaced desire to live.

it's the only thing that can get you high anymore, huh?
you keep thinking all day
about your adoration
and you meditate on a swoon. swoon, swoon, this is what

i live on. so swoon on. soothe
the lament.

plain, boring, ordinary, plastic bag flying as
the wind in a street. doing it with your
sixteen year old daughter's closest friend.

"it's my first time!"

live. live. live. on. on. on

sunny sunny deceptive sky, warm day. nobody has ever taken the time
to transcend on our deceptive days. one day i will break it

and get beaten for it. my illumination lies in the action
of my language alone.

animals is what comes out of this.