Monday, April 25, 2016

why ya...why ya so freethinking!

why ya so
ya so freethinking
ya we shud be naked kuz clothes hide us

don't you believe in sex as make-believe
sex is
everything except what it
xcept wat it seems
tits ass corruption
(but ya so clean)
i fucked up yissturdayturd

disappointed in you
tits ass corruption

the human animal
the hunt for destruction
tits ass corruption leave at the 
door to insecurity (all doors)

borrow me
shut the door
we(are inside ....the children are locked out
but they're dancing)
i will put it all back together

i know how to
i've done it a lot
i have thick skin cause of it j/k
i'm counting
on being
a misgiving/   bein below domination is so

i'm dinner
so thinner
kuz i'm dinner