Thursday, May 26, 2016

a guru at last.

you may not become of one.
you may not receive food. you must learn how to make your own
by raising crops and livestock.
you are to lose your friends.
you will not understand.
not once will it hit you
that you are in prison.
you will starve as you will expect to be fed.
you will suffer and deepen into your suffering.
you will not experience change.
you are to die your final death.
though dead, you will continue to see without wanting to see.
you will want and not want, but never need.
it will not make a difference whether you are alive or dead.
you will breathe without meaning to.
the earth will swallow you without meaning to.
you will be spit back out.
vultures will rip you apart.
you've forgotten the infinite light of ingenuous love is.
the present state is gone, as well.
this was hell
until hell had forgotten you.
maniacal bastards
act as your sins picturing the existence of you.
give back the gun
which you do not remember as yourself.
your state is caused by suffering to the extent
of never coming to terms with that
which cannot be returned with or to.

close your eyes.
you will become finished with your pain
upon doing so.
trust me. keep your eyes closed. you've
nothing to lose.

trust the end is being. this
is your discovery of compassion.