Saturday, May 14, 2016

bulb pulling.

god wears many forests.
god is in love.
god is without speech.
god stretches forwardly.
god does not think.
god wears matter.

god is spore.
god is undefiable.
god is sweet on the tongue.
god is also a wave of bitterness.

god hosts appearance.
god warns at heaven's gates.
god allows entrance.
god eats here, as this is
god's mouth.

you are now to be swallowed for eternity.
it will feel smooth, soft, and warm around
your celestial body. you will disintegrate

to bits. it will continue feeling smooth,
soft, warm, and tight around you. it will
continue to

appear a very pearly, clean ivory bone.
you are to leave to

the life remaining of your action
but your former self will not know- it will

twisting and cutting and reproducing itself.
it will appear beautifully.

you are to learn a lot that you weren't able to prior.