Tuesday, May 17, 2016

murder's lovers.

power plant
dying trees

but theft
and, but love- ha, love. be still, quiet, know you've been silenced.
aeorta speaks. hush, my loved ones. hush. hush.

we are winning, my distant cousins. here we win.

in prison i see beyond
the constitution on which prison sits- within,
indelicate holding of indelicate cash
continuously being held by those who
use it to vaccinate themselves (we are now)

it is here our ethnic cleansing serves
its devotion to that which neither serves us right nor
serves us wrong until death meets us- knowing
only pride is between ourselves and our deaths, both
clumsy defenses,
in violence we sneer at such that does not
protect us from the violences life uses to pronounce itself

do not insult me with your vaccinations; my
constitution is stronger than that of the prisons
and that which allows the prisons to be
under the name under a god who too allowed
the genocide of those stolen from on whose land
we live as we commit more murder over the seas
these memories will persist forever as our bodies burn
under the sun alive or dead or dead in life
it all has a price you must work to afford- to replace
living with.
no, insult me not. you will miss me as you love me so
and these strengths which i declare as tactics of a war
in a world in which all seems "unfair"

are uncanny. can only be heard if
passed on. i choose not. on my knees i hide my filthy face
humiliated at my head cocked upward toward a myriad
ideals i turn to in my empty boredom, the sole anxiety
that can shake me up but only in a convulsion robust
not believed in.

i remain disgusted by your insults suggesting vaccinations
re-defined, in order to move in prison
which lay on a constitution on which i gather my filth.

i will not let these aches in the muscles toward the front
of my brain get to me more than the tired resentments releasing
which they are.

quiet, youth. there is nothing i wish to buy in order
to support myself
knowing of these genocides and vaccinations- i have
the power to breathe, no matter

what it is i breathe in. i wish to be impoverished, starved, and
neglected of my basic human needs to set an example
of how to live free of dependency. i wish to refuse. i notice
the indoctrinations and denials of others and i do not
blame them for automatically bowing to such defense.

i feel the water in my body and within it, its chemical suffering.
i feel such within me, even
in my dependency- and insanity by way of chemical suffering.

silence and i mean it.
threats do not seem to imbue silence. there must be more power
than that which a threat demands of itself.

silence. recognize silence is power and none of us relate
to silence, only
refusing to look at one another.
this religious ceremony has one organ, and from it,
the aorta has one last
offering, verdict, negotiation, peace agreement:

give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing
give me nothing

there is nothing i want except not giving
and not ever receiving, prolonging
an everlasting purity only this way.