Wednesday, May 25, 2016

revenge is shits and giggles.

one day, i will run.
this one day during which i'll run, i will run until
i run into something.

it will fall, fall
for my trick of running into it- how darling

shirley temple was and still is.

what i will run into will fall until it
is running itself, running away
from the darling trick. you will be looking over your
shoulder; not paying attention

when you fall,
fall into a pit. you don't have to force yourself to
love me or anything. such cannot be.

you must only stay put as i shit from overhead
on you, stuck in my pit,
and all you will have
is my shit to breathe.

it will be then that
you'll know you are trapped until death.

that sky is brown, is it not? for others it seems lovely
to look at but others seem awfully vain, do they
not? for me, all brown is the same and all brown

is constant. i always wanted

for you to be unclean.
i am a big girl.