Friday, May 6, 2016

stupid americans.

two men haven't seen a cloud in the sky in days and
withdraw from opium pleasures. anything they were exposed to as youths was strictly american- unless made in china or taiwan, though hushed sweatshops count just as much- and by the time they were exposed to anything else it was too late. any prospects of understanding were to be very "first world", unescaping of the pressing between american ideologies and concepts.
these were two stupid americans melting in an unknown desert, surrounded by salivating lust for drugs, what is referred to as "junk food", and, at all times, kissing someone's ass while betraying everyone else. (the score is always one over the rest of the populace).
i know these motherfuckers aren't in danger. first of all, they have the desert. then, each other. importantly as well, a locomotive is passing through their location. they will jump on the locomotive before it departs. then they will hide in one of its cars. they will jump passengers as weak as themselves. all involved in this will talk about it over and over even after the subject bores them.
nobody will ever be re-programmed- it has always been this way. liberty has already been imagined (and denied).