Saturday, May 14, 2016

this ad will self destruct in approximately sixteen seconds.

pulled out of the nearness;
pulled out, pulled out, floating frequencies; something unbodily.
pulled out of the nearness, an immaterial.

(my mask i pull at, such is skin that melts- my ass, burnt crisp. this zoo

is on fire. alarms go off.

pulled out of nearness, unable to leave the cage i've been assigned- i would not. i

would not leave
my personal utopian experience. so magnanimous is my devotion.

seen was the appearance of flames- frenetic, revolting language- the last

undeniable possibility. still, things i venture to think.

pulled out of the nearness, something beyond sentient.

pulled out of the nearness, upward, away from breeding,
i could not stop moving-
my shoes were stuck to the floor, as if to my hot prison shit. i moved upward
unable to stop,
undenying my ability to choose

abandoning my personal utopian experience to flames

who gather
in a struggling desire to translate a message. so little i care
for their struggle. i understand very well
that i experience the consideration of going back

to check my personally considered utopian experience.

pulled out of the nearness, yet still, i remain an animal of crime.

pulled out of the nearness, denied of the present, committed to ruminating on what is no longer.
pulled out of the nearness, meticulous, indefatigable guilt.
pulled out of the nearness, there's only one star up there

i care for- the star promised of direction, the star,

i've been told, shows how things truly are,

in spite of how it all seems. the star is so bright, i've been told, 

that it never stops appearing,
long past its death; this star got me here as i chased it in its seduction,

and got me in deep, as did it do so to those

who took me in without a chance 
of ever leaving, by way of their respective indoctrinations. (i said "fuck this."
and forgot how else to approach things.) excessively nihilistic cult, refusing to admit

intensity of violent actions.

today, that star reminds us it continues to live. it is this very star that set us


pulled out of the nearness, i commence a loss of memory, with expansive

relief. so mistaken was i concerning representations of truth. there aren't any.
fire of a misleading star
is what pulls us out of nearness today.

pulled out of the nearness, the action to choose be drawn close and far at once.

in my cage i didn't believe 

there were any. i think if i were to attempt
to choose, then bang bang was i to die.
of personal utopian experiences in animal cage, admittedly no longer

hunter-gatherers, unknowing of who i was, yet, too, uncaring

about kidding myself into believing
identity is a way to access life, never was i to be
the executioner or the animal.

pulled out of the nearness, brought away from the zoo- exhibitions

of those whom one hopes not to become. one must follow

that single star of direction, so we are guided, guided no place

but further north where the cold is even more deeply paining,

the irony that is believed in
when they follow that very star taught to believed in

and indeed wind up taking over all vacancies of cages remaining in the zoo that once

was set ablaze when there were no other options regarded

for living surrounded by steel and screaming guards with guns

convincing oneself this must be a utopian experience.

pulled out of the nearness.

pulled out of the nearness, we are advised not to allow this.
pulled out of the nearness.
pulled out of the nearness, reality is here and we must do something about allowing it.
pulled out of the nearness.
pulled out of the nearness, destruction is no place near my experience which i acknowledge does not
pulled out of the nearness. belong to me, nor does anything. i allow my frequency to be.
pulled out.
pulled out.
pulled out.
pulled out.
pulled out.
end of cruel, sparkling, degenerate life.