Wednesday, May 4, 2016

who? a guessing game.

who is raping us?               those in my way.
who is raping us?               the misunderstanding and misunderstandings, at that.
who is raping us?               those of weak judgment 'specially when i get like that

the OBJECT OF PRISON. a concrete box with vermin in it protecting me. enclosed obsession. atrophy. writing letters. wondering if the future is going to
offer anything except the bareness of punishment.
(i'm waiting; i'm waiting to be murdered; the capacity of death is; ordered; by the; state
et cetera?      SUSCEPTIBILITY. THE MANIPULATION OF SUSCEPTIBILITY. THE SPYING LYING SAYIN' THEY "JUST CHECKING". RIGIDITY- contortions concepts made to permit unrealities into images so heavy they seem more real than ourselves (henceforth we must support). fulfillment. refusing to remember. refusing to forget. art holding onto itself. i am underwhelmed by actions (of course i am). i am overwhelmed by how underwhelmed i am. i want a house. my favorite disney princess is B*(@UGUYGiwhwiw. i feel guilt advertising the enormous disney franchise just now.

i like to criticize.
i like to criticize.
i like to criticize.

criticizing is my favorite rape.
critcizing is my priesthood.
                                         (the american dream is to join a bourgeoise culture in which elitists gather and all else remains below as your ground.
(my name is paper doll
or some other object- any
kind of object. fulfillment. contortions. underwhelm by the actions of self. lawsuit. make-up. disagreements. torture. isolation. major depressive disorder.