Monday, May 16, 2016


life has nothing, seeks nothing. nevertheless,
it digs holes, barely noticeable.
they all tell the same story- always
something about sacrifice.

in my seeking i sacrifice
all but my myths supporting
my illusion of being. i am careless-

a pulled back, unfolded
entrance to my innermost
unintentionally, i bury.

i remember how coffee once
motivated me to move.
i called myself pathetic, and i moved.
now i am unsure if i host any motivations at all.

nobody speaks to one another. we are
little gratuitious openings, strategizing
at most;
hardly anything i live for.

it is not my duty any longer.
i think of being dug deeper by ecstatic
dogs and other misguided
hunter-gatherers- are you

young and clean? are you young and clean?
do you have all of the answers provided
by the earth?

how do we fight? you do not know?
who first said we must fight?
if it is me, how do i fight?
i am insulted to intrinsically be declared
an ill, and nothing more. even

your incorporeal shadow chases itself
for the machines, machines, machines.
my god, do you not see?
live on without meaning as i

follow this example set.

i prepare to continue mock-fighting.
i prepare to continue being told how it is
i am doing.
i prepare to give my blood to those unprotecting.

i prepare to chase my tail in circles until
such is all i know.

there is no turning away when one is empty.
there is no turning away when one is empty.
fully aware, one must stretch themselves further
than their dreams allow-

enter me as though a dream,
protecting you with dreams unremembered;
haunt one another with dreams to judge
as good or as bad dreams. freedom

tests us this way without ever stopping.

freedom is death- give me this self-discontinuation,
of earth, helen's

opening, the archeological dig found
by a dog who dug up a bone

once buried in the spot helen was to never
speak of.
give me the altruism to protect others-

give them my meat to enter as a sweet dream-
the great protector, uplifting nihilist-
give my meat the daydream happened upon

by the dogs unwilling to transgress life
as taught to us, an unprotecting war zone.

give my meat the destruction to allow others
to be buried in, to rest
in peace facelessly, anonymously.