Sunday, May 15, 2016

you are hungry
it is degrading
you are almost dead
it is degrading
you must go to the store.
though such is degrading
this is the way you taste
and it is degrading.
you must not pretend you are not hungry.
we mustn't humiliate yourself.
such is degradation.

you are going to the homeless shelter
to face the parts of the world
not yet gentrified.
you are in. congratulations.
you would not work unwillingly to live.
such seems a denigration.
there seemed to be other ways.
this could not be the only way.

you are in. guess what.
sneaks here, as well.
i do not sleep.
resistance gathers others
to also resist.
we need our basic needs to be met.
we have the discipline for this.
we are going to die- nameless, homeless.
such is degrading to others.
degradation exists is why.
our cause lived on.

the cause was sought to be the only way.
such demands
particularly degrade.