Wednesday, June 1, 2016

eating is unheard of.

we go without a sun here. we go unsent through
the walk of life.
there is no bone that has not altered shape.
here is only enemy.

we pick black flower that shred immediately.
we've never spoken. we've never seen
nor have we been seen. all is charred.
contradiction and desire do not bother us-
these are our sources of light.

we pray with beads to an underlord, looking at the
eyes of one another with anger,
lighting our gaining on sparking fire.

you do it like playing cards with cheats and liars-
do it like bowing a delicate instrument played
many times.

without it you stay here
until you die without the strength of the sun.

i am the chosen one today. i carry a baby,
jumping fences one dares to.
i am happy to be a lost landscape.