Tuesday, June 7, 2016

exposure of denials.

it is time for the loss of humanity.
we are all to be shot by bullets from movies and news programmings.

everyone, including yourself, has accepted
that what we all have in common, in fact, is humanity,
and that humanity is all we ever had at all.

allow the bullets that have been shot into your body
to sit as they are. it is high time you rest,

so rest.

you rest.
you are to recover lost forms upon opening the known self to dreams
during this final rest.

remember, this is truly happening.
do not forget the small closet space in which you occupy, in which
it is deprived of light
to the effect that you have forgotten how to see.

though you pretend to, you do not hide from your grievances you had locked away.
you learn to risk.

you choose not to retaliate against your shooters. you believe in choices
that would speak of humanity in stronger terms.

remind yourself you resist retaliation not because you are a coward.
remind yourself you resist retaliation not because you don't know any better.
please tell yourself you are not so stuck, though you do feel lost-

you are prepared, somehow.

upon entering your dreams, breathe. this is your bodies last responsibility.
you do not have to wander a deliberately synthetic world
unable to escape parasites killing you with your own insecurities.
this is not a propaganda. this is the outside.

you are close to exiting your closet space.
continue to breathe while watching the landscapes of your dreams.

in their transiences, you will be asked to believe that your dreams will air
on network television, starring yourself.
you are asked to learn that throughout life, it has been so
that your pituitary gland has cancer

though this seems to make more sense than anything, choose to reject this teaching.
choose to reject cancer from entering your dreams and your final breathing.

continue to breathe- it is to soothe all which has screamed
to be heard from within us, which we have all ignored
up until now.

you are impoverished now as you have always been.
this is your crime imprisoning you
for your love being received with indifference.

only the anomalies are wanted, admired
from their distances. if anomalies are to be received,
anomalies are to be assimilated

into nothing special.

we are gods until our bodies are cut open, responding
to the whims of others.

remember, you are in a small closet space.
you will always have a small closet space

to yourself.