Sunday, June 19, 2016

malaise, and i mean it.

here is opposite mind, where shit goes down. burn yourself to it.
no longer must you murder, for you are murder.
no longer
must you sacrifice your exhaustion

to support the world in its vitality.
you are free of confusion, therefore, you cannot be exhausted.
you are on vacation for good.
you are that which we feel
on your behalf.
you are the secret.
you are the hero.

this is when everything whole is apart. these
are guts. this is irony.
you no longer feel pain. you are the cause
of pain.
you know pain,
are pain. you hit a nerve

when consumed- the same nerve that wants to be hit
time and time again
before it restructures its focus

and becomes you.
you are unrelenting and allowing.
your name is spoken only to trap one in humiliation-
self-evident spider's nest.

you are beautiful and told so.
you are wanted and told so, like a secretary informing you

of the news on the hour each hour
until she drives you insane, and you fuck her dead

to shut her up.
"tell me i am beautiful and that you want me; tell me that you love me." she'd repeat herself.

you are of nobody.
it is your call to resign your throne

but you are responsible
for your glory.
your sake, your only sake, is glory.

you are alone without the throne
the only independence.
there is no possibility you will ever worry again.
there is no more war you are involved in.
you are no longer a representation. you no longer
are to scramble for survival

by way of symbols. rather, you are now

the root-ball of that unspoken
before there was light.

you are never,
and too, you are because, unaccompanied
by need for change.

death no longer is.
you are absolute. all is absolute.
you are order, unridden

by self-designed contradictions.
you are desire itself, the one fugitive

who said fuck it and meant it.
you are intimidation and christ.
you are intention behind bomb.
you are what happened behind murder.

love chokes all else.
here is permanence, which is all, which is you,
the staying eternity.

miracles stopped being believed in, therefore
they stopped existing. it was then

you felt differently. it was up to you
to step forward
and lift their beggar wings again.

you are hope. the world bows down
to the inside of itself.