Tuesday, June 7, 2016


today, step away from your dissections and theft
of everything that surrounds you. it is time to let you let go.
place your face inside a dark room. the dark room will be empty.
the dark room you will recognize as your acting on grievances.

sit in the room. close the door you have opened
behind you.
today, you are void.

of course, you are dreaming. these dreams disturb you.
do not isolate your dreams or brush them off.
watch them. what do they tell you

about your secrets?

you are a terrorist today. you have always been a terrorist.
you have always questioned objectively decided justice.
you are now a terrorist. bang bang bang bang bang somehow or other.

you are the new bird of those who have returned
upon migration for the spring. your presence is questioned.
others wonder if you are a justification concerning

the state of the planet going to shit.
at most, they become paranoid, and you become
the poster child for ostracism.

remember, you are alone
in your small closet space in which your grievances
and outrage are filling.

you must learn how to swim
or the sharks that breed below you will eat you,

and innocence will lose another limb.

do not fail this mission.
if you are to fail this mission, you will not learn from failure.

you will forget to pray to god for forgiveness
before dying.

kill your pride.
destroy all that is held in refusal to free. they are the dead bodies
of what were once birds

people once noticed the sounds of upon their arrivals.