Wednesday, June 1, 2016

the sun damning cherishing me.

there is only one thing i don't
run from. this is everything, apparent sickness
that weighs more than you do-

you do not understand. i knew within myself i sought a poverty
because my name is a poverty. hello,
this is a benefit for the awareness
of poverty. hello again.

onto my body several dissections i've become
corrections, grinding of teeth:
yet still, nobody knows my name.

there is a shadow. there is that.
what else

serves as one reflection?

i grind it up in my capacity how disgusted i am, your honor (everyone). my name is
my pain can't be taken away, and since
i've no other chance at being in love, i must choose
to love this appearance
i passively exist
as something i am- existence under chosen names
is the way to stay down and shut up. so i allow it.

my dog and i would like to be on the grass outside. can
you please learn our name for us? there has to be
a name! i was born somehow without a name? throw that

lie out every window! throw it! burn it!
there has to be a name! i need such permission as my
dog and i would like to go and play on the grass outside!
who are

you? who are you? who are you? who are you?

oh, the name
of the human is the worst.

that's where it all starts.

the men and women, so many of them, greet me on one knee with the shittiest opium on the market. i allow my drug habit as this is how i monitor myself from going places i am not going. slouching and half sitting on my throne, the salesmen and women have overshadowed me with their oversights. i am not to be seen. i am to melt to the floor.

the wolf you loved so dear
who kicked you out
needs you- that
which is not a name.

he has come back
to ask you a favor in your
deep-alone-silence. if you let him
seduce you, he will eat you
and you will not stop him.

you will go to drop down into
lower levels of hell.
you will not report it. you will feel
too embarassed
over everything.