Saturday, June 18, 2016

we lost preservations as a result of action in the present consciousness developing.

war skin
head of rust; infections; headed
to dogma,
insult to heritage, constricting

sentience threshold, the light swins faster
it circles outskirts of vision more visibly now.

relics of old god, i know
this presenting of choice
is to trick me into curling into shadow-self.
warmth fucks itself silly and eats.

below freezing, i accept never moving again.
i know the dream world
makes a clearing somehow

and without me. i know it just needs
to give itself patience.
i know the attack of the mind
calls to the dream world to scream

for the intervention of silence.
the mind attacked
screams at silence for not screaming as well, louder

than all else in fact.

silence unrecognized is our proclaimed traitor
whose betrayal
never manifested; maybe it is impossible.
i know it is impossible to betray what holds meaning right now.
this freedom is exacted and abstract; who
will believe me? they all will
without ever saying so aloud.

i am called secret stillness, the cow who spoke no longer.