Thursday, June 23, 2016

what's on the news today.

horus half-asleep, i'm going to save your life,  so
stay true to me. thou tempteth to rise from the dead
resurrecting history?
but horus, stay only in my dreams because i commit to surrendering
to values that i have no need to attach myself to
considering the troubles of my life.

i am ready in my bed to become manipulated. something about this
constitutes feminism.

i nail you, a part of myself, to a crucifix, measuring your infrastructure
according to antiquated propriety.

change never stops,
distant and too close at once- i am doing
good enough figuring out how to count realistically, dismissing

the impossible standard
without realizing i was doing so out of
the pressure of obligation (and this alone).

this is a polite society i'd slept with,

and this is where we are now, showing up in heaven
already dead, soon to realize life.

horus- realized coward juxtaposed against uninhibitedness at once, neither positions
having nothing new to bring to the table,

we show up for the death ceremony,
beat up by our abasements of our defenses
ready to live naked forever.

whatever the first human animal had seen, i know, for
the first human animal is me,
i believe everyone else a provocation.

there is no patience.
there is extreme.

we are going to have to break each other like sugar cookies, remembering
the joy of playing with our food,
in order to stay together-
as filaments extraordinary to define anomaly.

all lost is what i have to lose from moving on, not yet manifest.

let us walk away from the manipulations
meant to bomb source of disease i shelter- monsters
inhibiting caverns and deepest seas, in which
i find myself seeking resolve- it is time i wake from denial

and accept it has not been happening as i wish it to.

i notice these expectations soiling presence, that if i am to devote,
it is to be guided to the next move.

long has extinction not been the enemy- rather, the patriarch of another institution headed to
by way of the factory farm with which i'm familiar-
transparency of permanence in an
impermanent multiverse, you are counterintuitive knowledge, you seem
out for blood.

do not bring- extend action as burial of identity.
acknowledge presence as dialectic to escapism.
integrate reality into determination very possibly and directly.
definitely, abandon values had had only to have.
us together as one
us together as one
us together as one