Monday, July 25, 2016

eat my construct.

god has teeth.
this is what they look like. (imagine what they look like).

they are set in his jaws.
god has huge jaws
because he is afraid to be female.

females do things that reject the male.

when they cry, it is to release the male.

boys do not like the same things

girls like. they do not like crying. they like

when boys do cry, it's because
they were born with the sex

that anchors existence
when it's all you can think about.

since i am crying,
i must be a girl.

i am not embracing my confusion.
since i am a girl, i must be hoping what i want
comes to me.
i am hoping to be taken away
from my crying- to be rescued, to be killed.
there are pebbles in my shoes bothering me
but i'm not a boy so i leave them be.

when water comes from a boy,
it's because they are preparing to go get what they want
which is all that they like. they are salivating.
if boys didn't like what they wanted,
they wouldn't be excellent hunters.

they wouldn't be so masterful at making choices.
if boys die young from their advantages, they die
with joy.

girls like what they cannot get
because they have not become boys yet.
they see teeth and run until

there is only the choice to create an ocean
in which the girls jump

hoping swimming will be easy
to learn to master.

girls swim in water only to find their bodies drowning
when told
their bodies are drowning

by the sky, who then takes them in.

this is existence.
these are god's teeth
grinding together, attempting
to like the taste of what they don't want

but happens sometimes- the scarification
of the female; refusing to integrate

one's own beliefs
into their other beliefs.

god's teeth look like this. (imagine again).
paradise is the mouth they protect.

protected in paradise is the mouth i choose to be in.

there is nothing to explore anymore.
no more oceans. no more land.

i have revealed the vision of god's teeth

and the paradise it protects.

now there isn't anything left. reality

has expired.

being digested
i am digestion.