Thursday, July 21, 2016

illegal basement apartment.

i shuffle around my new illegal basement apartment. at last, independence.
i shuffle around my new illegal basement apartment looking for ghosts, or mice, or flying roaches.
an odor is here that is not mine.
a helicopter flies in circles above, in the sky.
law enforcement does this all day this time of year, to brush up
on the stuff they need to do in order to move forward in their
law enforcement systems.
it's a play pretend search for missing persons.

the helicopter signals to me my new place has not been evacuated. i better get out before i feel unwelcomed.
i keep looking until i forget to pay rent and electricity.
i keep looking because i have a hunch law enforcement isn't doing anything

except circling in the sky in their little helicopters, expecting dead bodies, yearning
the habitual doughnut.

i keep looking until i am queen but
kidnapped by the roots of the nearest tree
molesting me in my sleep.

i keep looking until i find myself in court battling for the property
against the landlord.
everyone attending says i act like a real dick these days. well, i do engage in recreational drug use.
you have a problem, they say.
no, you have a problem, i reply.

i find myself losing the case against my landlord, but i'm given enough time before leaving
to seek vengeance against him, by destroying all his stuff.

after destroying all his stuff, i walk down the closest main road dragging a dead tap root of a tree i killed
selling all the nice things the landlord was stupid enough to leave for his tenants to make use of.
one dollar.
fifty cents.
a quarter.

give me all of your money.
give me
your refusal to do so.

it is now presumed i am dead.