Saturday, July 9, 2016

making lemonade out of lemons.

this is the apparatus
with which i conceive myself. i spend my time
seeing myself.
i like to control how
i seem. this is how
i carry myself.

i like to steer people
in the right directions
concerning how they judge me.

i am the strongest.
i am the most sophisticated.
i am the most beautiful.
i am the best.
i am

i see myself all day long.
this is how i long to love.
i tell you i long, all day
you tell me you long, all day long.

the things we long for is what
brings us together.

all day long i continue to long
as do you.
we cannot stand the sound
of our expressions of longing
of one another.

this is one way i stunt my growth
while seeing myself.
this is all i know.
i do not wish to know anything else.