Monday, July 4, 2016

we are the military.

get up.
you are not in this alone (you completely delusional fuck), as in
we will stop you

from remembering the history of
your pain.
you will only touch the surface, which is normal, everyone
does that.
get yourself together
we will glue you back together
for you.
we will have no choice

but to put you out of your misery.

it's bullshit, you say?
it's not just bullshit. it's not. you are not
alone. like magic, here we are. how kind

of us mercenaries.

you've got to
wake up from your splendor
of being special. every fucking sympathizer

in the card aisle says, "you are not alone. being told this

will never go through one ear out the other
so, there.

so, there.

get up. i heard you like popsicles. is that so?
i've got a popsicle stick project
with your name written all over it

and i'm too afraid to watch,
so you're going to have to get up now as i'd have to go.
you are not alone. there. i said it.
i told you the only thing i know how to say,
again. (i think i'm really finding my soul with this.)

i've admitted i don't know there are multiple sides

no more torture. here we all are, acknowledging
humanity, acknowledging
one another, brothers
and sisters. you are not alone. this

is the secret magic trick it takes
to get someone to realize
that they have the exact same understandings
gained from experience, same exact 

that the rest of us have. you are not special. you are
the military.
you are not alone, isn't that some especially deep shit?
you are not alone. you are in on it.
don't look into it,
but you are not alone.

don't look up. you'll see everyone around you,
and realize
in this respect
you are not alone

and you'll feel even more alone
then you ever have

it's all coming from your own mind.
you are so selfish to isolate yourself like this. therefore,
you did this all to yourself.
you are in on this.
you are the military.