Friday, August 5, 2016

ancient sea monster.

a replacement for "backbone" was tossed from circle to circle. it was believed to be a consort to hope, but it grew roots into the bottoms of the lives whose presence it made its ways into.
in a dream islands reign and it makes a difference because we know when delusions are delusions and we do not get fanatical about defending them because we approach them with a sharp pragmatism.
we know we are our mothers, fathers, children, animals, ghosts, births, names, consciousnesses, deaths. it is believed ignorance has intelligence that we do not evade. habitual, we are relics and smiling for it. we  prepare to cease beating ourselves, imposing rape on ourselves.

all the pariahs are talking about magic islands. the people losing their children to pop stars say no, the drug pushers say no, the celebrities say no, the willing to be addicted say no, the relying say no- the delusion-caught say no. andromeda was given to a barfly that needed to know the meaning of life was in himself, jealous of her crucified posture. (god gave a sea monster wings). gobbling her up, flowers blossomed out of the barfly's skin. danger became exhilirating and scary at once.

oscar wilde hosted seminars on botticelli.

people became introduced to compassion as fulfilling their senses, including the mental function. everyone learned they all awakened into silence, land of universal understanding, not needing translation, empty of representations and interpretations of representations. smiling was the only art remaining- the acknowledgement of truth in beauty.