Tuesday, December 13, 2016


little monkey removes his hat
hinting to the queen

to trim her claws into
this hat-

a black hole nobody knows about
except that which goes
into it. even then

the truth remains a spectrum of
sanctuary in which
we may change beliefs whenever.

the queen does not see herself in this.

"you are not to hide anything," demands the
revolution we walk
(so goes what our compensations

evolve from

so we'll go for a walk, and be satisfied
with why. "why" hasn't even crossed

our minds.
i have more in me today than
doggedly pursuing a drifter, for it is the day
of worship-

swelling stomach to introduce
to the light of day

on our walk we take
for the being in love i carry.

we must worship the planet inside
and all her moons
who keep us alive.

where do you want to walk
to today?

to parts of the world
without birthdays, depraved
as the motes that surround

our expectations

to satisfy our generosity.
to be charitable.

yes, that is why

i remain

examining my face in a mirror, who
i do not see myself in; that is why

i remain offended.

before you are ready
to leave my belly, the same spirits

look at me- afterimages

with baby eyes they've always had.
checking up on me, terrorizing

the little steps forward

i learn to take, by pushing me back
to the ground i
resist befriending.

you'd imagine an enigmatical would, singing
for the sake

of singing. song

you'll never hear again
that will leave with your heart.

consorts. free spirits fuck around.