Friday, January 20, 2017

mixed media candles.

i am now offering homemade candles to anyone kind to help me with my portfolio, as a thank you ( i have unscented beeswax and soy candles up for grabs. i repurpose frequently, when it can be done, including waxes. please note, some of these are not functional, and would work well as things to look at rather than things to burn and i wish very much that the latter will not be attempted. now that that point has come across, so has an idea- i will dig up the wax in those particular pieces, so one can feel free to use them to grow baby plants in, or whatever else they please. : )
please traverse the catalogue at the site to see what options are available as far as stuff one can acquire that my visual works would be printed on. the prices are reasonable, in my opinion.

thank you for tolerating my advertisement, and for the support.