Friday, February 24, 2017

i am just what you need; avoidance of the word
"dissociation", don't want them to think i fancy i know shit.
grounding exercise,
chopping almonds,
open window,
now things are getting harmonious

trying to let go of intrusive thought
for days, a new one- over not remembering a word
doing my best- but don't you wanna fail?
of course i do, but i can be mindful of it, so it's all good, plus i'm fat and ugly anyway.

talk to the punks
practically asking for it, "mohawks" up, please
walk up to me, i

expand my aura to invite you in. the virus
of missed opportunities
you know i'm letting this be your birthday
and i like your sister better than you. you do know that, right?
i know!