Monday, July 3, 2017


i'm waiting for, "how are you?"
to be asked
in a way

that'll release, from
buried memory, any
of my prepared answers
representing truth
to be paintings

by dead masters, talented people

for once
i want this to be
how it goes

it's important
to get the point across
that i admire thinking
that i think
and i take it seriously, i do it
quickly, deeply

this is how i survived
in jungles, deserted islands, during
prior states of consciousness.

how bad
i wanna tell you, anyone,
that i'm in jail today, and, in order

to be rescued, let's stay true
to the heart of the book: it needs to be solved.

this way
that i was taught
is the way it needs to be approached

by books movies tv, whom
i refuse to reproach.

i'm waiting

for the timing
to open like this
to be

one effect i'm going for
is day-to-day concerns
ceasing to cast relevance

so that boundaries
will turn out
have always been a curse
one that we break

when i am fetal inside your body, you,
fetal inside mine. that's when
we say,

nature is fine
without manipulation:

there are recluses that are attractive.
i am raising a son i love to death. getting

even the witches
seem to believe less in magick, more
in keeping up appearances
these days.